TKC’s Professional Services

Angela Heath founded TKC, Incorporated to offer training, workshops, and consulting to companies and individuals. She helps people navigate the emerging gig economy.


TKC Incorporated offers a variety of pre-packaged and customizable training programs, both online and in-person.  Our lead trainer, Angela Heath, designs educational experiences that incorporate behavioral change theory, active-learning approaches and relatable stories to ensure skills enhancement for individual and corporate performance.  An information-dosing approach allows students to leave with both clarity and a plan.

For Companies

Secrets for Saving Time and Money Using the Gig Economy – Ideal for companies, this online training provides practical tips for creating cost savings using the gig marketplace and smart apps.

Releasing the Inner Hustle at Work – A highly-participatory workshop that motivates your employees to increase performance through creativity, mastery and solutions that are buried deep within.

Building The Happy Hustle Culture – This lively and engaging training presents a sure pathway to employee innovation and engagement. The happy hustle culture is one where employees are entrepreneurial in their thinking and capable of driving organizational creativity, production and improvement.

For Individuals

Do the Hustle Quick Start – Based on Do the Hustle Without the Hassle book, this online quarterly training teaches you to successfully tap into the online gig marketplace.


Simplify – This two-part webinar guides participants in identifying and packaging their talents, skills and passions for the marketplace.

Multiply – A six-part training that builds confidence, clarifies your product, and confirms that people will buy it so you don’t waste time, effort and money trying to sell something no one will buy.

Magnify – Eight-week accountability groups for people who have already launched their business and desire to achieve exponential growth.  Group members develop a growth plan and learn new tactics for create winning results.

BOOM Conference – This one-day live regional event brings together people age 45 and older who desire to create a side hustle, replace income during a layoff, launch a full-time business or grow an enterprise.  The BOOM Conference is available nation-wide in cities where sponsors are available.
Free Lesson: The BIG Assessment – How to earn income at 45+

For Career Professionals


Career Professionals: Excel at Using the Gig Economy for Your Clients and YourselfLearn about the necessary tools, tactics and tips you need to leverage the gig economy.

Angela in Action

I have partnered with Angela Health in two settings where we focused on preparing boomers to live their best lives. At AARP, Angela and I prepared presentations that guided individuals in planning to care for loved ones. When Angela designed training initiatives for boomers to re-think their careers, it was easy for me to create a marketing strategy from her clearly articulated vision. Angela maintains a positive perspective and is committed to excellence in all that she does. Her enthusiasm is infectious, which is why she has been a proven successful team leader and collaborator for so many years.

Brenda Siler

IABC Fellow, Director of Best Communication Strategies


TKC Incorporated offers consultation services to companies tapping into the culture and talent of the gig economy.  We provide solutions for sourcing qualified talent around the globe; assessing and monitoring their performance; protecting intellectual property; and much more. When organizations need an infusion of directed, motivated “happy hustlers” from anywhere in the world to meet business objectives, call TKC Incorporated.

In addition, we guide career coaching and employment organizations to better serve customers by creating customized instruction, tools and programs.

Angela Heath is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to helping folks identify their passion(s); and then turning them into income producing ventures. She brings a sound, logical approach to her training and consulting which helps to motivate and push clients to the next level.

Fay Mays Bester

MB Enterprises


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