Angela Heath has a keen ability to understand issues and make practical recommendations for business development. Not only is she a serious professional, she is a caring individual.


Paul Burden, Founder, Our Voice

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You can’t live 45+ years without having something of value to offer in the marketplace.

Angela Heath

Author of Do the Hustle Without the Hassle: A Quick, Simple, Affordable Way to Make Money Online at Age 45+

If you lost your job today, what would you do?

If you are 45 or older and you need more income or you lost your job today, what will you do? Some might spend all night registering for online job boards; others might visit their local employment office as soon as possible. Still others will get caught in the networking whirlwind where you spend scarce money on lunch with people who can’t help. Instead of wasting so much time and energy, why not learn to “do the hustle” and make money on your own. It’s easier than you think.

Angela Heath is on a mission to harness the power of the gig economy for individuals and companies.

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Make Money Doing What You Already Know

People are searching for creative alternatives to earn income.

Today, 34% of the workers are hustlers or gig workers. This figure is growing exponentially.

Many are being left behind when they fail to embrace the new ways of working. They may find themselves bored at work, chronically unemployed or under-employed after losing a job, especially people over 45.

No one knows this better than Angela Heath, noted gerontologist and trainer. She teaches people how to “do the hustle,” make money using their years of experience and 21st century strategies. Angela offers quick, simple and affordable strategies to do so.

Angela shares her experiences in a well written and researched book, opening numerous opportunities to those wishing to earn extra money or start a freelance career. Do the Hustle without the Hassle proves that there is light at the end of the tunnel – Definitely a must read!

Heather Blumenthal

Gig Worker, South Africa

In this book, you’ll discover:


  • Tools to help you uncover your uniques skills and talents
  • Where to get the support you need either free or inexpensively
  • What the Gig Economy is all about and how it impacts you.
  • Tools to expand your mindset for growth.
  • Angela’s GIG Worksheet to generate ideas for gig work.
  • How to get started in the digital marketplace.
  • Winning tips so you can earn money quickly.


Angela Heath is a national speaker, award-winning entrepreneur and author. An expert at helping boomers reinvent themselves, Angela provides mentorship, lectures, and classes to help mature individuals learn how to convert their life experience and passion into profit by building lifestyle businesses. When her son was diagnosed with leukemia twice, she could not work for years and learned how to “Do the Hustle”. She has appeared on USA Today, Essence, the Kojo Nnamdi Show, and local news outlets across the nation.

She has published four books, including Do the Hustle Without the Hassle: A Quick, Simple, Affordable Way to Make Money Online at Age 45+.

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End Self-Defeating Behavior: 5 Steps to Finally Winning

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