Job hunting can be brutal, especially for baby boomers that often face age discrimination.  This quick lesson will be helpful for renewing your mindset for job seekers of every age.  Change is inevitable in our world therefore it is inevitable in our lives.  Get out front of change and master the skills you need to maintain control over your life.
DAY ONE – Make the decision. Select one area of change, just one. Get crystal clear on what that is. Just one thing and one thing only and make it clear. Think about it all day. Share your area of change with others.  If you like, share it in the comments below.
DAY TWO – Intensify your desire. Desire is your WHY. Your WHY is your FUEL. Your FUEL will sustain you when your “what” gets tough and you don’t feel strong enough to hold on. Today, rehearse your decision, see it complete in the motion picture studio of your mind and heart. Smell it, taste it, hear it. The more you desire the change, the more you will succeed. REMEMBER an off day means nothing. Refuel your desire. Share your decision below….come on don’t be afraid.
DAY THREE – Think differently. Just because crap happens doesn’t mean you have to act foolish. Changing your thinking changes your action which changes your habits which changes your life. I’m sure you heard this before. Thinking differently is a choice. Never give circumstances the power to make you think negative, powerless, self-deflating thoughts about yourself or others… but especially yourself. Instead CHOOSE to think every setback is temporary, you can make it, you can do you, and you deserve it. Make your decision, intensify your desire and think differently.
DAY FOUR – Speak Different. What are you saying about yourself? I never get a break; nobody wants to hire me; I don’t know what to do; I don’t know how to do it; I tried but it didn’t work; I’m too old? Sound familiar. Bible believers know that how a man thinks in his heart, so is he. Also, whatever you say out of your mouth determines the boundaries of your life. Change your speech. Speak words of victory in the change you seek until it becomes reality. No speaking doesn’t create the change you desire. But speaking right changes you. Your mind begins to accept the change you seek as true. Your mind believes everything you say and was created with incredible genius to figure out a way to make your true desires reality for you. So speak positively about your change. What are you changing in seven days?
DAY FIVE – Put your change in motion. As the old saying goes, talk is cheap. So you can speak right, think right, desire intensely and make a quality decision but if you don’t move your feet and your hands, it’s dead-end alley for you. So move! Today take a step forward toward your change. It doesn’t have to be anything huge, just take one small step forward today and every day. Make the sales call, say “no” to that fattening morsel, or ask the nice lady for a date. Rich Kay lost 100 pounds by taking small steps each day. He even wrote a book about it. (Small Simple Changes to Weight Loss – I highly recommend it). Know that you, also, can take small steps that lead to huge change.
DAY SIX – Repeat immediately. Keep repeating what we have discussed over and over and over and over…… Yes, you may miss it some days. As soon as you do, press repeat and continue immediately. Don’t wait until Monday. Don’t procrastinate because you think you need something else to make the change easier. Decide on the change, desire it intensely, think differently, speak words of power, move your feet and your hands and repeat. Repetition will form a habit in your life for the change you seek.
DAY SEVEN – Praise. Celebrate your accomplishments after each seven days of change. Did you improve by 10%, 25% or 50%? Fabulous! That’s a good start. Don’t set yourself up for failure by expecting a complete transformation in seven days. That’s not typically how it works. Now, just be committed to keeping it going. I decided to be on time all the time. Typically I rushed everywhere because I was easily distracted. So out of 8 appointments that I had last week, I rushed for three and was a little late for three appointments. (Yes, being five minutes late is still late and no longer acceptable for me.) BUT, I like you, will not focus on the challenges. I am praising and celebrating because I improved, was not so stressed getting to appointments and began to see the patterns that made me late too often. So let’s keep going. Review these seven steps weekly and put them into practice. Before you know it you will be holding the gold prize of successful change.

End Self-Defeating Behavior: 5 Steps to Finally Winning

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